Terms & Conditions for Online Purchases

By placing an order with Hosting In SA (Pty) Ltd. through the Hosting In SA website, you are accepting these Terms & Conditions. Please read these Terms & Conditions on our website before placing an order.

In these Terms and Conditions for online purchases

“We” and “us” means Hosting In SA (Pty) Ltd.
“You” means the person placing an order.

“The agreement is agreed” – by completing and submitting an electronic order form, you are making an offer to purchase services/products which, if accepted by us, will result in a binding agreement. An acceptance email from you confirms that the agreement is formed.

By using the website to order services/products online, you confirm that you are at least 18 years or older.


By completing and submitting an electronic order form, you are making an offer to purchase services/goods which, if accepted by us, can be cancelled at any time. Please note that products will not be sent (or links to online services/ products) until we have authorization from your payment card issuer.

We will not be liable if there is a delay, and we will not accept your order if payment is not authorized.

Certain steps must be followed for a contract to be formed, as described below.

After your order has been activated, within 48 – 72 hours:

You will receive an email to acknowledge your order activation. It will confirm which services/products you have ordered. This email will be an acknowledgment of your order acceptance from us.

When an order for downloadable e-books, audios, or other downloadable products has been placed, you will be redirected to a ‘thank you’ page which will require you to verify your name and email address. Once that information has been verified, you will be redirected to a download page which will allow you to download the purchased content. You will also receive an email containing the link to the download page.

We do not have to accept your order, and for example, we will not accept your order if:

  • We do not have the products in stock
  • You have been flagged as a “Fraud Order” by MaxMind
  • Your payment is not authorized
  • There is an error on our website regarding the price or other details of the products
  • You have cancelled it in accordance with the instructions below
  • We reserve the right to refuse any order.

Cancelling an order before the product/ service has been activated/ sent

If you change your mind after placing an order, you can cancel it at any time before we activate it. Please see the Contact us page for our telephone number and email address. 

You will need to give us your name and contact number, as well as your Id Number which is reflected as your order number to cancel your order.

Refunding services/products after activation

Each Web and Domain, Email and Personal Email Hosting service/product sold through Hosting In SA site carries a 30 day money back guarantee. Set-up fee and other products do not fall under the 30-day money back guarantee policy. 

If you are not satisfied with our service/ product after it is activated, contact us for return of the payment price, as indicated in the guarantee.

Pricing and payment

Prices throughout the website are quoted in ZAR (Rands), and payment can only be accepted in ZAR (Rands). Packing, delivery and Set-up costs, if any, will be added to the total price of your purchase.

While we make every effort to ensure that the services/products shown on our website are currently available at the price shown, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. If services/products you have ordered are unavailable, you will be notified as soon as possible.

The price you pay is the price of the services/products shown at the time you place your order, even if the price of the service/product has since changed.

Your account will be debited for your order at the specified date on order form. By submitting an online order with Hosting In SA website, you expressly agree not to request a ‘charge back’ of any 

fees or payments for said orders, and that no dispute with Hosting In SA will be raised with or adjudicated by the debiting company. Rather, you agree to contact Hosting In SA directly to resolve the issue or obtain a refund pursuant to the service/product guarantee.

Your reference for all Personal Email orders will include a short-abbreviated name… and this reference can be quoted to our billing or administration department at any time of a query or refund request.

Where an offer mentions that an item is reduced in price, eg: half-price, or discounted subject to use of a promotional coupon code, the discount will be calculated at checkout before any postage or packaging charges are applied.

Delivery information

Please see individual product sales pages for information about delivery charges, where applicable.

For products that require delivery, we will email you as soon as your order has been dispatched and will advise of the delivery method (if any) at that time.

Changes to Terms and Conditions for buying services/products online

We reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions for buying services/products online from time to time. If this happens, we will notify you by posting the new Terms & Conditions for buying services/products online on the website. If you do not wish to be governed by the revised Terms & Conditions for buying services/products online, you must not place any further orders.

These Terms & Conditions for buying services/products online are within the laws of South Africa and you and we agree to resolve all issues, should any dispute arise.

If any part of these Terms & Conditions for buying services/products online is found to be invalid by law, the rest of them remain valid and enforceable.

The Personal Email Service

In consideration of appropriate payment by the Customer and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Hosting In SA will:

  1. Where applicable, grant to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable email service for the period of this to use the Service on the terms of this agreement.
  2. Any rights granted to you in this agreement are subject always to the terms of the Third Party You acknowledge, agree and understand that we are only able to grant the rights to you which we are entitled to grant in the Third Party Licenses and these documents will always take precedence and priority over our responsibilities and obligations to you in the Agreement.
  • We will not be in breach of this Agreement to the extent that we are unable to perform our obligations to you as set out in this Agreement if such performance would place us in breach of the Third-Party Licenses.
  • We shall provide the Service to the standard to be reasonably expected from a competent provider of services in the nature of the Service.
  • Due to the complex nature of the Service and public telecommunications networks generally we cannot warrant that the Service will be provided without interruption or error, but we will use reasonable skill and care to ensure that the Service is properly managed.
  • We will use reasonable endeavors to correct faults in the Service which you report to us as soon as reasonably If you become aware of a fault in the Service, you agree to report the fault to our technical helpdesk without delay.
  • We may temporarily and immediately suspend provision of the whole or any part of the Service to enable us to carry out any repair, maintenance or improvement or in the event of an emergency. 
  • We will restore provision of the Service as soon as reasonably practicable after any such temporary suspension.
  • We may vary the specification, including any service usage restrictions, of the Service at any time on 30 days’ notice.
  • In the event that the terms of any Third-Party Licenses impose restrictions on either the service or usage restrictions then we reserve the right to implement such restrictions with immediate effect.

Passwords and Security

  1. We will provide you with usernames and passwords to access the Service and a control panel which enables you to configure certain aspects of the Service. You undertake to keep your usernames and passwords confidential and not disclose them to any third party other than those of your employees, agents and subcontractors who you authorise to access the Service on your behalf. You agree to contact us immediately if you suspect that anyone else knows your usernames and/or passwords.
  2. We will use reasonable endeavors to keep information held on the Service secure.
  3. You undertake to only provide us with accurate information (including but not limited to information about you, your identity and contact details, your business, and your anticipated usage of the Service) whether on the control panel or otherwise and to inform us immediately if that information becomes misleading or inaccurate.


Viruses and Spam Filters

  1. We will endeavor to ensure that any materials which we send to you will be free from viruses and corrupt files, but we cannot guarantee this. If we discover any defect in any materials, we have sent to you we will inform you as soon as reasonably practicable.
  2. Where the Service relates to an email service Virus scanning engines may be used by us to filter emails received into the Service in accordance with good industry practice if we have agreed to provide such virus scanning service as part of the Service which for the avoidance of any doubt will always exclude Office In any event, we cannot guarantee that the Service and emails received will be free from viruses or other harmful content. You must therefore ensure that any device connected to the Service is protected by an on- device and anti-virus and antimalware software to protect against any threats as our systems in common with our industry are not able to protect against all risks. We cannot and do not accept liability for any damage caused to your computer systems, network, business or reputation as a result of an undetected virus that passes through the Service. Emails may be deleted as part of this Service.
  3. If we have agreed to provide a spam filtering service as part of the Service, we will provide such Service in accordance with good industry practice but by using the Service you acknowledge that not all spam will be successfully identified and may pass to your computer systems or network.
  • You acknowledge that by attempting to identify spam and potential viruses and other harmful content, we may delete false positives whereby emails you deem to be legitimate may be. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to your business by the deletion of emails.
  • We shall not be liable for any loss or corruption of data saved and emails sent, received or saved using the Service.


  1. Electronic Signature Agreement. By selecting the “I Accept” button, you are signing this Agreement electronically. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Agreement. By selecting “I Accept” you consent to be legally bound by 
  • this Agreement’s terms and conditions. You further agree that your use of a key pad, mouse or other device to select an item, button, icon or similar act/action.  Accessing or making any transaction regarding any agreement, acknowledgement, consent terms, disclosures or conditions constitutes your signature (hereafter referred to as “E-Signature”), acceptance and agreement as if actually signed by you in writing. You also agree that no certification authority or other third-party verification is necessary to validate your E-Signature and that the lack of such certification or third-party verification will not in any way affect the enforceability of your E-Signature or any resulting contract between you and Hosting In SA. You also represent that you are authorized to enter into this Agreement for all persons who own or are authorized to access any of your accounts and that such persons will be bound by the terms of this Agreement. You further agree that each use of your E-Signature in obtaining a Hosting In SA Online service constitutes your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of Hosting In SA’s Online Disclosures and Agreements as they exist on the date of your E-Signature.
  1. Consent to Electronic Delivery. 

You specifically agree to receive and/or obtain any and all Hosting In SA related “Electronic Communications” (defined below) via Hosting In SA. The term “Electronic Communications” includes, but is not limited to, any and all current and future notices and/or disclosures that various federal and/or state laws or regulations require that we provide to you, as well as such other documents, statements, data, records and any other communications regarding your relationship with Hosting In SA. You acknowledge that, for your records, you are able to use Hosting In SA to retain Electronic Communications by allowing Hosting In SA to save this Agreement and any other agreements and Electronic Communications, documents, or records that you agree to using your E-Signature. You accept Electronic Communications provided via Hosting In SA’s website as reasonable and proper notice, for the purpose of any and all laws, rules, and regulations, and agree that such electronic form fully satisfies any requirement that such communications be provided to you in writing or in a form that you may keep.

  1. Paper version of Electronic Communications. 

You may request a paper version of an Electronic Communication. You acknowledge that Hosting In SA reserves the right to charge you a reasonable fee for the production and mailing of paper versions of Electronic Communications.

  1. Revocation of electronic delivery. You have the right to withdraw your consent to 1 Placeholder brand name for our online application service to receive/obtain communications via Hosting In SA at any time. You acknowledge that Hosting In SA reserves the right to restrict or terminate your access to Hosting In SA’s website if you withdraw your consent to receive Electronic Communications.
  1. Hardware, software and operating system. 

You are responsible for installation, maintenance, and operation of your computer, browser and software. Hosting In SA is not responsible for errors or failures from any malfunction of your computer, browser or software. Hosting In SA is also not responsible for computer viruses or related problems associated with use of an online system.

  • Controlling Agreement

This Agreement supplements and modifies other agreements that you may have with Hosting In SA. To the extent that this Agreement and another agreement contain conflicting provisions, the provisions in this agreement will control (with the exception of provisions in another agreement for an electronic service which provisions specify the necessary hardware, software and operating system, in which such other provision controls). All other obligations of the parties remain subject to the terms and conditions of any other agreement.

To obtain electronic services and communications, indicate your consent to the terms and conditions of this Agreement by clicking on the “I Accept/ I Agree” button.