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Date and time of offence:  29/09/2021 from 14h30 p.m. - 15h45 p.m.

In light of the current pandemic and the negative impact COVID-19 has on families, lives and all business, it has been disturbing to view the unprofessional, unethical and selfish portrayal of workplace rules and regulations, of Hosting In SA employees, and the manner in which a client visit was handled on 29/09/2021 from 14h30 p.m. - 15h45 p.m.

Please note that Hosting In SA and it's Directors will not be held responsible for the outcome of unprofessional processes and behavior. These are serious times and the government is coming down hard on companies that do not adhere to the rules of this pandemic.

Offence/Complaint:  The seriousness of COVID-19 Rules not adhered to

  1. Allowing a client to enter the office without sanitizing the client first. (Jason, Ali & Desigan)
  2. Not using a mask during office hours when a client is not there. (Jason, Ali & Desigan)
  3. Not using a mask when speaking and sitting next to the client, hence no boundaries and risk measures are set. (Jason and Ali)
  4. Leaving your seat to sit next to the client without a mask. (Jason)
  5. Touching the client when talking and/or making jokes. (Jason) 
  6. Allowing the client to move from one seat to the one directly next to you whilst you are not wearing a mask. (Jason and Ali)
  7. Coughing without blocking your mouth when a client is in the office. (Jason)
  8. Sitting next to an employee that has been infected with the COVID-19 virus, when they are not wearing any mask or taking preventative measures. (Desigan, Ali & Jason)
  9. Not sanitizing your hands and the places that the client was sitting at, after he left. (Desigan, Ali & Jason)


Disciplinary Measure 

In view of the offence described above, this serves as a verbal warning and will be valid for 1 month.    

Should you be found guilty of a further similar offence whilst this warning is in force , the disciplinary action then imposed will be affected by this warning.   ⚠️ 

The signing of this warning by the employee means that he/she acknowledges that he/she received a warning and that he/she understands the contents thereof.


In the event of the employee’s refusal to sign, any person who was present when the warning was issued must sign.

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