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Written Warning



A written warning is resorted to when

  • a verbal warning has failed to produce the desired result, therefore necessitating stricter action,
  • or if the offense for which a verbal warning was issued has been repeated
  • or if there have been repeated offenses of other misconduct, 
  • or if the offense (even a first offense ) is considered serious enough to warrant disciplinary action stricter that a verbal warning.




ID. No:  


Re: Disciplinary Hearing  : Charge of  against yourself.


Reference is made to the above disciplinary proceeding, wherein you were charged with  


You were found guilty as charged by the Chairperson of the Disciplinary Hearing, and you must clearly understand that  is regarded as a serious offense and will not be tolerated. (the employee is told that this is considered to be a serious matter.)


You are hereby warned that should you commit a similar offense or should you commit any further act of misconduct during the validity period of this warning, further and more stringent disciplinary action will be invoked, which may include your dismissal.


You are required to refrain from committing any acts of misconduct during the course of your employment with this company. This warning is valid for a period of 3 months from date hereof. (the employee has been told that the offence is serious, that he/she must not commit acts of misconduct, that he/she must not commit a repeat offence, and that the warning is valid for 3 months. He/She has also been warned of what consequences may result should he/she fail to heed the requirements of this warning, namely that he/she could be dismissed) 

(The employee has also been told what action is required of him/her to rectify the situation.)


Yours Faithfully,

 Very Annoyed Boss.


I know and understand the contents of this warning. I will receive a signed copy of this warning.


The employee signs this to state that he/she understands the contents of the warning and that he/she will receive a copy. He/She is not signing to say that he/she agrees with it – only that he/she understands it and will receive a copy.


Should the employee refuse to sign, a copy of this warning will be handed to him/her in the presence of a witness, and the witness will certify on the file copy of the warning that a copy was handed to the employee.

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